We create online distribution channels

An ecommerce must be simple and intuitive in order to allow users to quickly access the various sections, giving them the opportunity to find the product they are looking for and at the same time have a complete overview of the entire catalog.

Freecomm has worked a lot on this issue, also making use of external collaborations such as universities and study centers, thanks to which we have been able to reduce the number of clicks necessary to navigate on our ecommerce platform and optimize the purchase process by using colors and specially designed images.

Freecomm is one of the few ecommerce platforms that allows you to buy with just three clicks, without requiring mandatory registration and showing shipping costs in real time. This transparency is winning in terms of results and "Customer Satisfaction"

Carefree e-commerce

The most challenging part in undertaking an e-commerce is the after-sales management, that is, of everything that happens after the product is sold.

The management of receipts, the choice of the courier for shipping, the identification of the most suitable packaging are the basis of a carefree sale. Then, if problems occur, it is necessary to know how to deal with the customs procedures of each country, activate the refund procedures if the package is lost, manage returns and all the other cases that we have faced and solved during our decades of experience.

Thanks to the L.D.B. Strategy, in exchange for a small percentage of sales, will take care of all this leaving you the task of thinking exclusively about the product in order to optimize its quality, price and availability.