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Vudoo is a revolutionary application thanks to which you can create a product catalog simply by taking a photo or saying the title of the article. Anyone can start selling even without any technological knowledge.   go to the site

Ecommerce without worries

Strategy comes from an intuition of our Founder & CEO Giovanni Cianferoni, perhaps one of the greatest expert of online market, with which closes a process that began in 1995. A natural consequence of two factors: the acquisition of know-how in the decade the promotion and sale of products online and the ever-increasing demands of the market to be able to provide businesses with the services they need to compete in the international arena.

The e-commerce platform

Everything start in 1995 when commissioned by Mercedes Benz, strong of the experience gained in creating applications for large supermarkets such as Coop and Carrefour, we begin to build a platform of online sales using the new technology just arrived in Europe called "Internet". The result is in fact the first italian experiment in e-commerce, based on freecomm® technology the same that we still use today.

The after-sale service

Companies, in the beginning enthusiastic to try selling online, they realized quickly that the collection management, logistics and shipping was a very heavy commitment to their business and that in fact them away from care product forcing them to expensive investments.

That is why in 2004 it was decided to create a new service named LDB by which companies raise this huge undertaking in exchange for a small percentage of the sale. Service so useful for our customers to make our online e-commerce unrivaled.

Web Marketing

With the increase of the companies that relied on freecomm® we began to realize that the mere presence on the network of an online store was not enough to ensure a steady and profitable sales to customers. The e-commerce market was in fact a larger exponentially and with it the number of competitors who compete.

In particular, companies that owned a brand already known on which they had invested for years in his promotion were not obstacles in selling online, those which had never promoted with a proper marketing their business met great difficulties in making your own product to accept Internet users, more and more demanding and competent.

For this reason we decided to codify all our knowledge until they become a software, Elisa, who performs for you all actions that until now were done manually by SEO engineers. The result has been to put at your disposal a specialist web-marketing virtual working exclusively for you, free of charge times, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; and when Google changes the algorithm Elisa adapts to time to the new rules.


Strategy is able to offer to the companies the best solution to start selling online: a robust platform for e-commerce, a comprehensive after-sales service and a marketing plan to attract customers

1. Webstore design and implementation

First Strategy in collaboration with Retalco, a leader in the field of e-commerce platforms, will be responsible for you to study the best graphic communication for your company and implant it on the platform freecomm® creating a webstore for you pleasant and efficient. You choose whether to use it as a shop online or turn it into your website. In this case, our editorial team will activate a section dedicated to corporate communication of your company.

2. Logistic, Delivery and Banking Service

Then we analyze your products because what makes it truly unique the Strategy offer is the post-sales support that we provide to all our customers. In fact, the most challenging part in undertaking an electronic commerce is the management of everything that happens after the product is sold online.

Collection management, the choice of courier for shipment, the identification of the package most suitable are the basis of a sale without thoughts. And if Captain drawbacks must learn to deal with the customs of each country, start the procedure for refund if the parcel is lost, handle returns and all other series that Retalco during his decade of experience has already faced and solved.

Thanks to the service L.D.B. Strategy, in exchange for a small percentage of sales, will take care of all this leaving you the task of thinking exclusively to the product in order to optimize the quality, price and availability.

3. Marketing Consulting

Then we analyze together your needs by offering the best solutions and marketing innovative communication including:


    • - Consulting for brand positioning
    • - Creation and launch of a new brand
    • - Repositioning of existing brands

    • - Study of the archives and historical research
    • - Restoration and conservation
    • - Enhancement of the heritage and brand's DNA

    • - Packaging development
    • - Creating Labels
    • - Design and study of the boxes
    • - Advice and support for merchandising/li>

4. Web & Social Marketing Service

And finally we will study with you the best way to promote your webstore. In fact by the time we realized that the way to promote e-commerce is quite different from what is used to promote a simple website. In fact the main goal of the STRATEGY of marketing is to bring as many customers as possible in your shop, with characteristics compatible to the type of product offer in terms of spending power, age, culture, sex etc .. These visitors are called "leads".

The traditional positioning on search engines, said organic, not as performing with webstores. New trends indicate that in order to attract as many leads as possible in your store must operate the Direct Marketing and Social Marketing, sophisticated techniques that we know how:


    • - Webmastering
    • - Traffic development
    • - Referencing and Affiliates
    • - Monitoring and technical support


    • - Accompaniment to social networks and professional genelariste
    • - Strategic planning, content generation, integration and distribution
    • - Implementation and management of integrated programs
    • - Consultancy, monitoring and training
    • - Monitoring and reporting


At the end of the monitoring period that normally lasts 180 days we will meet again to analyze the data and study any updates to optimize sales performance

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