Internationalization and digitalization, a perfect marriage!

According to a study conducted by Google, the form of electronic commerce that will develop the most in the future will be that between companies, commonly called "B2B".

The ability for merchants to order products through an online platform will allow them to stock up whenever they need it without having to wait for the representatives to pass.

More frequent but also simpler orders. In fact, the selection of products from a complete catalog of references may lead to the sale of products never purchased before because they were not offered by the seller.

The most important advantage for the company, however, will be the possibility of expanding its distribution channels with B2B, combining the traditional commercial network with the digital channel with which it will be possible to reach new customers without any geographical limit.

Digital distribution allows, in fact, to create a commercial network that does not need intermediaries, since the sale takes place directly from the supplier to the merchant without intermediate steps. Imagine the benefits? For example, it will be possible to contact new customers and give them the opportunity to immediately purchase their products and start distributing them in a very short time.

In this particular historical moment in which we live, it will be difficult for a long time to participate in fairs and this has made the digital distribution channel even more current, almost indispensable, for many companies.

For this reason, we have developed a password-protected Business area within Freecomm, through which it will be possible to provide the B2B service to the customers you have selected. The activation of this section is immediately available for those who already use our e-commerce platform and is included in the offer for all companies that want to start selling online with our system.